Together is the brain child of husband and wife duo Kate and James Connelly. 


a heavyweight in the philadelphia fitness scene started teaching online in march of 2020. Armed with 9 years of industry experience and a community of loyal followers, Kate took zoom by storm with her program bandtogether. A no bull sh*t approach to fitness that marries strength and stretch into one class.

a former professional athlete turned marketing executive by day, James helped manage Kate’s growing business. An artist who knows his way around a Home Depot, James pushed Kate, her community and bandtogether to be bigger. In September of 2021, 3 months before opening their first brick and mortar, James left his day job to work in proximity with Kate to create together. 



Together old city opened it’s doors on December 27th 2021 as Philadelphia’s premier methodless studio.

The couple opened together with one goal - create community in movement among varying modalities. Together is a blank canvas without labels or regulations. While Kate teaches classes that combine strength and pilates she encourages her instructors to do the same, differently.

Together is for people who hate monotony, crave community and want to have ether cake and eat it too.

A fitness studio is not a platform for competition, but a conglomeration for change. Be the change, in proximity to others at together. 

kate strives to connect joy and sweat in every class she teaches. kate is a master curator. her routines are thoughtful, effortless, effortFULL and completely intoxicating. kate challenges her instructors and her community to simplify movement to amplify results. after all, it’s only a workout - just a damn good one.

founder + lead trainer

Kate Connelly

instructors in residence

Join Julia for and easy to follow high energy dance based fitness class with hip hop sculpt or on the mat with her barre-less barre. 


dance + pilates

Join Matthew on the mat for his interpretation of vinyasa flow “flow state yoga,” sequencing that elevates your heart rate, calms your mind immerses you in the present moment. 



Join Jenny at the crossroads of mobility and yoga. Stretch your muscles and your mind with her captivating choreography and damn good hip openers. 



We’re always building our roster of instructors at together. Tell us more

Is movement in you? Want to share your movement with others?

courtney C.

my initial motivation was to get fit for my wedding. now, i work out with kate to keep my mind right more than anything. i had a rough relationship with working out for nearly 10 years, now i literally live for it. it keeps my spirits high and my health on track. every workout is tailored to my needs and abilities and i'm getting stronger! kate is the best.

Photos by Delaney Newhart

Illustrations by James Connelly