Together is the brain child of husband and wife duo Kate and James Connelly. 


a heavyweight in the philadelphia fitness scene started teaching online in march of 2020. Armed with 9 years of industry experience and a community of loyal followers, Kate took zoom by storm with her program bandtogether. A no bull sh*t approach to fitness that marries strength and stretch into one class.

a former professional athlete turned marketing executive by day, James helped manage Kate’s growing business. An artist who knows his way around a Home Depot, James pushed Kate, her community and bandtogether to be bigger. In September of 2021, 3 months before opening their first brick and mortar, James left his day job to work in proximity with Kate to create together. 



together old city opened its doors on january 1st 2021, as philadelphia's premier sculpt studio - a studio focused on simplifying movement to amplify results .

the couple opened together with one goal - create community in movement. together's class model, spearheaded by kate, is simple.

classes are 45 minutes in length and create symmetry in the body through repetition. guests are lead through full body sequences on a single side of the body, then asked to repeat, without deviation, on the other side.

while class archetypes differ based on body positioning and exertion - all classes at together use symmetry, repetition and music to curate authentic unique workouts.

kate strives to connect joy and sweat in every class she teaches. kate is a master curator. her routines are thoughtful, effortless, effortFULL and completely intoxicating. kate challenges her instructors and her community to simplify movement to amplify results. after all, it’s only a workout - just a damn good one.

founder + lead trainer

Kate Connelly


julia, a former professional dancer and current choreographer combines her love of music and movement in every class she teaches. join her on for mat sculpt and dance cardio sculpt!


jason, a former professional basketball player for new zealand, has replaced hoops with hollow body holds. a personal trainer and lagree pilates instructor, jason brings his love of mobility and the reformer into every class he teaches.

Jason Thompson

haley believes physical movement is a grounding force in our chaotic world. a former collegiate athlete turned nutrition + wellness guru, haley joins together eager to share her love of movement with our community. her classes are athletic, music driven and dare you to realize your own strength one mountain climber at a time.


emma, a former All American and NCAA track champion, joins together with a newfound appreciation for movement. while her inner athlete shines through every class she teaches, emma believes in moving with intention. for emma moving fast came naturally, but moving with purpose is her practice. 


vanessa believes movement is medicine. as a former Temple University Cheerleader, vanessa eats, sleeps and breathes all things wellness. a health coach with a passion for exercise, nutrition, and mindset, vanessa will help you find your strength with intentional movement and an eye for form.

vanessa fecca

bri, a coffee loving born and bred philadelphian saves lives in the operating room and on the mat. fueled by one too many red eyes, bri can be found in scrubs, on her scooter, on her way to a class. expect to laugh, curse her planks and hunt her down on the schedule for more!

brianna williamson

we're always building our roster - tell us why you want to work together and find out when kate is hosting her next training. 

love moving at together? want to learn how to teach our method?

courtney C.

my initial motivation was to get fit for my wedding. now, i work out with kate to keep my mind right more than anything. i had a rough relationship with working out for nearly 10 years, now i literally live for it. it keeps my spirits high and my health on track. every workout is tailored to my needs and abilities and i'm getting stronger! kate is the best.

Photos by Delaney Newhart

Illustrations by James Connelly