hey you! we saw you checking us out 😉 and thought it was about time you stopped peaking through our zoom window and join us behind the scenes instead.

we think it’s time for your official studio tour…cue front desker emerging from behind the computer.

the bandtogether studio has experienced many phases over the past 8 months.

there was the plant filled micro apartment…cue james’ begrudgingly moving all our furniture for me to film. there was the movie room at the beach…cue henry swallowing my brand new headset. and then there was our studio now, before the frills, coated in dirty yellow paint with absolutely zero wifi bars…cue comcast finally caving to my ceaseless pleas.

this isn’t the tour I always imagined giving of my studio, but it’s one i’m proud to present. when I realized where and how I wanted to grow bandtogether, I knew I needed a proper space to film, focus, curate, and house our community.

all photos always c/o @delaneynewhart <3

it was fathers day.

I was building monster hoagies for my dad and my brother/new-dad to my niece siena while chatting about how to take my business to the next level.

my dad, brother, and sister-in-law are all attorneys, so you can almost always bet that there will be a cross-examination and a fight for the final closing statement.

but this time – I was ready to be questioned – in fact, I briefed myself on the drive up to my brother’s house.

how are you going to film content? how will you edit that content? don’t you only have an iPad? what about the studios you worked at? are your clients going to go back? what does your program do differently? who is your target client? what are you selling? how much money will this take?

after answering every question and then some, under oath I may add, we surprisingly all came to the same next step.

bandtogether needed a studio space.

but where on earth would I rent a studio during COVID and how on earth would I pay for it? cue my dad forcing me to text my landlord…a landlord who I once called, emailed, and nearly hunted down after a group of teenagers threw a rager in the air bnb below our unit last NYE.

a text, an email, and a few photos later, james and I officially signed to move four blocks north and upgrade our “plant filled micro apartment” to a plant filled 2-bedroom 2-bathroom apartment. to put just how quickly we moved into perspective – we saw the apartment on a Tuesday, signed on friday, and moved on Saturday. and to put just how challenging the move was into perspective, we did it without movers, air conditioning, or power.

looking back at the last 8 months feels like a rat race. i’ve spent most of my twenties trying to find something of my own that was not only successful, but also sparked joy in my everyday schedule. I meal-prepped and cooked for clients all over philadelphia, sold yoga pants, helped small businesses find their footing in social media, and lead yoga-for-golfers seminars, all while juggling a loaded teaching schedule. I rarely said no, and knew eventually I would find my fit. betting on yourself is the hardest wager to take. with that bet comes great responsibility but it also yields great reward. everyday I realize how important happiness is. transparently, 5 even 1 year ago, I was using a different scale to measure success – a scale I inherited. now looking at how much our wold has changed, I’m reminded daily that life is short, only tattoos are permanent, and your happiness is not the same as your friend or brother’s happiness. your life and your work will change a lot. be flexible, be true to yourself, and be worthy of all your effort. there will always be a doubter or someone peaking through your zoom window only to cast a shadow on your light – but remember resilience takes practice.

now back to the studio…

we spent most of July moving in and building out the bandtogether studio. we scrapped wallpaper (well to be fair james scrapped wallpaper), we painted, installed lighting (and to be fair again james’ extremely talented cousin installed lighting), we sourced equipment, technology, accessories, and secured the perfect bed for henry. ultimately – if I was going to go all in on myself and this business, what better place to work than in my own home?

so now – 4 months later – the bandtogether studio is completely operational. on average I spend 10 hours a day in the studio. it’s truly my first desk job. when I’m not on camera i’m watching youtube videos on how to edit film, chronically screaming to my employee in the other room who has yet to agree we need an intercom system, and building class after class after class. many of you have seen or see our HQ but here she is – stepping out for her big reveal.

bandtogether HQ
probably my favorite part of the space – the patio. the best light, breeze, and sanctuary for a little post class coffee!
equipment we use daily – dumbbells (not shown 20 lbs. dumbbells), ankle weights, bands, lots of towels, and a yoga mat! one of my favorite mats pictured here is the TOWEL MAT by lululemon. when I’m not on my 3mm lululemon mat you can bet i’m folding the towel mat under my knees or stuffing it into a suitcase!
true life: this is my first desk. this desk houses all bandtogether equipment. I use a logitech webcam attached to a SmallRig for zoom, I use a LUMIX G to record for on demand as well as a RODE Videomic NTG. details: desk – CB2, chair – Amazon, light – homegoods, shelf – we built it!
small details by the door – always checking my teeth before logging in!
always burning something! we buy all our incense from Omoi on 3rd and Chestnut.
here you can see the lighting we installed. it’s why I look so clear online and also why I’m dripping sweat within the first 2 minutes and yes – we ride peloton.

you already know we’re online, we’re in sync, and we’re together. so now that your tour is complete are you ready to sweat? there’s always room for you to click with us!


  1. Jillian says:

    LOVE this studio! James for president!

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Photos by Delaney Newhart

Illustrations by James Connelly