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where strength training and pilates meet... use heavier weights, cardio intervals and traditional strength exercises in untraditional combinations. prepare to work hard, think hard and sweat even harder.


Kate Connelly

Kate Connelly

low impact light weight pilates focusing on all sides of the body utilizing exercises both on and above the mat to create length and strength. expect to move your hips and push through the shake. 


Kate Connelly

cardio sculpt

kate's high intensity full body sculpt class uses light weights and heart pumping choreography to move in rhythm with music.

a dance based fitness class, join julia on the the dance floor for a nonstop, easy-to-follow, high-energy sweat session driven by music and movement! light weights, sneakers and zero coordination required. 


Julia Giordano

matthew shaw


a vinyasa-based energetic practice that will invigorate your body and mind, raise your heart rate, and immerse you in the present moment. we will seamlessly link postures together using breath as our guide, and you will walk off your mat feeling enlivened, grounded, and strong. come to class feel better in your body - return again and again to feel better in your mind! 

jenny langer

Functional YOGA

the perfect stretch - a bit of strength, length and overall "ahhh" feel good feelings! jenny's training in yoga is coupled with a deep understanding of the human anatomy. generate length and space in the body with her original shape-shifting routines and leave feeling refreshed and ready to move.

single studio class $30
single stream class $18
single stream rental $10

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How many guests are in a studio class?

Our studio holds 8-10 guests depending on the class 

What is your cancellation policy?

sh*t happens we get it, but we won't continue to get it if you keep doing it! seeing as our studio is small, and our waitlist's big, you will be charged whether you show or not.


We require proof of vaccination to participate in an in-studio class. Masks are a personal choice. 

What should I bring?

Nothing - we have it all! But if you have a relationship with your yoga mat - we understand. bring him or her along for the ride! 

What should I wear? 

Kate’s classes require sneakers as does Julias hip hop sculpt class. Otherwise come in shoes that you will happily remove at the front door in an effort to keep our studio clean and wear clothing that you can comfortably move in!

When should I arrive? 

15 minutes before is ideal! It gives time to exhale, grab a cubby for your things and sit! Isn’t sitting nice!?

What is together tv? 

Together tv is together’s digital platform. Guests can become subscribers and access all livestream/on demand content or guests can choose to drop in to a live class or rent a recording from our on demand library. 

Do in studio class packs expire? 

No - but don’t go trying to use a year old class cuz that would be wack. 

When are classes live streamed?

Livestreams differ by week - some weeks we stream in the morning, in the evening or both. But we do stream at least 1 class every week!

Do you host private group classes?

Sure do - email Kate at and learn more about how you can be in proximity to your people, at together. 

if I take a live class that is being streamed am I visible on camera? 

while the focus is on kate and cameras angled to minimize guest visibility, at times guests are reflected through the mirrors. If being seen on camera in the slightest bit is a problem for you, pick a spot in the back of class or simply only take live classes in studio that are not streamed!

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Photos by Delaney Newhart

Illustrations by James Connelly