Welcome to bandtogether – or to some, welcome back. bandtogether as I’ve said before, was founded to connect and elevate a community of badass women in Philadelphia. The women who you used to sit beside and review new restaurants with before class, the women you’d raise your eyebrows at in the mirror when I add a surprise set of burpees, and the women who left as your friends.

community is what we crave.

It’s what we need to feel welcome and it’s what keeps us coming back. bandtogether was built in community. My goal has never been to make you want to be me, be intimidated by me, or even want to hang out with me. Instead, my mission remains to support you, acknowledge you, and help you become a more confident you. Seeing, hearing, and communicating are what I do best. While you may be influenced to occasionally dress like me, or want to have coffee with me – all of which can most certainly be arranged – I’d rather you feel seen, heard, and called upon by me and members of our community. 

Before live workouts, you’ll be invited to join before class for coffee. You can speak up or sit back. But most importantly, you’ll laugh. We’ll have plenty of complimentary zoom discussions, guest speakers, and endless motivation. You’re not just a number or a “guest of” in the back row. You’re my family and I’ll be there before and after you click play. So welcome home bandtogether, I made it nice for you 😉 note: members are recommended but not required to be well versed in bravo reality t.v.

Each week I’ll release a new video routine into our virtual library. Familiarize yourself with the library’s curriculum. Our disciplines are segregated by sculpt focuses. cardio sculpt, strength sculpt, mat sculpt, and mini sculpt. All disciplines require little, to no equipment, are easy to follow, and rely heavily on muscle memory and repetition. At the bandtogether studio, I’ve got dumbbells (light, medium, and heavy), resistance bands (light, medium, and heavy), ankle weights (both 1 and 2 pounds) and because many will ask, I refuse to take a yoga class without my lululemon 3 or 5 mm mat, I wear sneakers when I lunge or jump, and there’s always a mason jar close by filled with iced coffee and almond milk. 

But really, bandtogether isn’t about the equipment or your Apple watch results, it’s about movement, mindfulness, and music. With all three, enough room to squat, and the time and space to click play, you’ll feel and see the changes everyday. 

Choose a membership but don’t be married to it. “All Me” member but realize you’re constantly paying live drop in fees? Email me, and we’ll swap your membership to “All In.” Not ready to commit? Book a live class and get an idea of what to expect from me, the method, and our members. One on ones? We’ve got those too! Online or in person, I’ll cater the class to your preferences. 

Join the classes. Comment on blogs. Email me. Dm me. Post to instagram with the hashtag #bandstronger. However you choose to show up, show up proud, because I’m already so proud of you. bandtogether is built to last. We’re not a fad, nor will I ever fade you. So sign up, wake up, get up, summers over sweetie and bandtogether is the only thing on your back to school list. 


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Photos by Delaney Newhart

Illustrations by James Connelly